Welcome to Magic 🎉

Here you'll find documentation and resources for learning about, installing and using Magic.

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What is Magic?

Magic is a network of networks — seamlessly blending coverage across WiFi, Cellular, and new technologies like 5G and LPWAN.

Providing Coverage

Anyone can extend the availability of Magic-enabled networks by providing an access point of their own. This can be accomplished purely through software and off-the-shelf hardware by installing the agent on a computer or mobile phone, or through more involved means such as custom router configurations, open-source router construction, or full-scale integration into a backbone provider.

Using the Network

Just like running a VPN client or hotspot, a Magic Network consumer runs a Magic client on a device to automatically broker access to Magic- enabled access points. The Magic client acts on behalf of the consumer, and interacts with the global Magic supernetwork to authorize access to in-range Wi-Fi access points, cellular base stations, and more. The Magic client also provides wallet functionality, as well as support for sponsorship of connectivity by other Magic users for fully-autonomous and fleet applications.

What's available today?

For Alpha, we are actively working through various deployment options and compatibility as users give us feedback on their setups. For ease of use, we recommend setting up Magic Alpha on your home network.

  • Radio Access Technologies: WiFi
  • Client CLI: MacOS, Linux support verified on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and nmcli 1.10.6
  • Client Libraries: Swift
  • Gateway Agent: An x86 or ARM resource, it can virtually run on any OS, but should follow POSIX compliant standards